Limited Edition

Upcycled Mini Zip Pouch


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Upcycled Mini Zip Pouch in Surprise Me color
Upcycled Mini Zip Pouch in Surprise Me color
Upcycled Mini Zip Pouch in Surprise Me color
Upcycled Mini Zip Pouch  in  color Upcycled Mini Zip Pouch  in  color Upcycled Mini Zip Pouch  in  color
Limited Edition

Upcycled Mini Zip Pouch


Compact size to carry your essentials! Great for accessories, art supplies, cosmetics, and toiletries.

  • Zipper closure
  • Unlined, water-resistant
  • Handmade using material from Organic Valley billboards
  • One-of-a-kind design
  • Measures 10.5”L 3"W 6”H

This latest edition to the PROTECT Collection, is lovingly handmade by the artisans at the 55sainttropez shop — a Florida-based small business committed to helping save the environment by giving rescued billboard materials, a fresh purpose.


Join us in protecting where your food comes from! The PROTECT collection is inspired by the small family farms, who protect over 400,000 acres of organic land, helping to preserve plant & animal life, and reverse the effects climate change.

Our Promise To You

  • Happiness Guarantee: Easy Returns & Exchanges

  • Earth-Friendly Packaging

Is the item in the photo, the exact one I’ll receive?

Every bag is truly one of a kind, the images here reflect the size and overall shape of the bag you’ll receive. No two bags are exactly alike. When you place your order, we get to work hand selecting a bag for you!

What material are the bags made out of?

The original billboards are a material known as “Eco Flex”. This is known by the generic name of polyethylene (PE), which is a recyclable material.

Where were these billboards originally displayed?

Atlanta & Denver. Our billboards were used to help spread the word that we’re a community of small family farms - dedicated to protecting where your food comes from. Our farms protect hundred of thousands of acres of land - which are home to many species of plants and animals.

What are the differences between “earthy textures”, “bold prints” and “surprise me”?

The original billboard had a lot of variety in the design elements, from photos of pasture and nature elements, to bold illustrated graphics. The “earthy textures” patterns, feature more of the photo-realistic pasture elements, whereas “bold prints” have more bold, solid colors. Options listed with a “Surprise Me” option means designs are a mix of these. In all cases - you’ll be “surprised” as each bag is one of a kind!